Disclaimer Policy

Disclaimer/Legal Policy:

Participating in investment networking marketing offers a great earning potential; nevertheless, like any other business, there is an element of loss. Our board of directors and risk management staff have assessed and devised risk-aversion strategies. Our organisational standards assist us in dealing with hazards in the most secure manner possible. Even after building a robust system to mitigate risk to a considerable extent, our investors could still suffer revenue declines similar to any other business. By registering with us you acknowledge to understand completely the terms and conditions of our company.

Our goal is to provide our investors with a risk-free investment environment. Our primary concern will be the safety of your investment. Data-security and anti-theft features are in place to secure the information of all our investors and stakeholders. Rich Net Global is a legitimate organisation that has an EV SSL Certificate. Our website is extremely safe against all types of frauds. We have implemented a strong content management system to ensure outstanding security. All of the company's and its investors' data is encrypted. Our organisation's failure is negligible and/or practically unattainable. Market conditions are monitored using AI with the assistance of our professionals, ensuring that the system is moving in the appropriate direction. All said, risk is an unavoidable component of any business. As a trustworthy firm, we feel required to inform our investors of even slightest risk.