Frequently asked questions

 The business of Rich Net Global includes gold mining and investment into producing, development, evaluation, and exploration stage properties in some of the world's most productive locations and run by some of the mining industry's most well-known firms, along with gold trading and cryptocurrency trading.

 You need to invest and get regular returns from your investment. You can also earn referral income by referring new investors and also from our binary matching bonus system.

 You must first open an account with us in order to invest. After you have enrolled, you may start investing with us. After the funds have been reflected in your Account Balance, click "Investment" and make an investment.

 This system allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts

 It is always recommended to register using a referral link, so that you are benefitted by your sponsor on building your sub-tree. You can also directly register through our website and the website will be redirected to the registration page with automatically generated random sponsor.

 No, all profits such as return on investment (ROI), direct referral income and/or binary matching income are accumulated in your E-Wallet of Rich Net Global and you need to withdraw them from there to your digital currency account.

 Yes, you can have unlimited number of deposits, but each of them will be treated separately.

 First return on investment is received after 48 hours.

 You can use payment processors such as Bitcoin (BTC), Perfect Money, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether (USDT.TRC20) (USDT.ERC20), APE, Dogecoin

 You can use processors such as Bitcoin (BTC) and USDT.TRC20.

 The duration needed for the funds to reflect in the digital currency account after withdrawal request is 80 hours.

 The minimum amount allowed to withdraw is $10.

 Yes, a total of 10% withdrawal fee is charged while transferring funds from Rich Net Global account to digital currency account.

 No fee is charged for internal transfer. This will help you to save 10% withdrawal charges and eventually help you to build your team and earn more binary matching bonus.

 No, we do not calculate the days from the calendar. Since trading does not take place on the weekends, the return on your investment will be from Monday to Friday.

 No, the binary matching bonus will be calculated every 24 hours, 7 days a week.

 Investment can be made only through "Account Balance." “Account Balance" facilitates internal dollar transfers from one account to another. You cannot transfer funds from your "Account Balance" to your "E-Wallet." You cannot withdraw through "Account Balance." all Ecurry funds get deposited to Account balance

 All revenues, including return on investment, direct referral income, and binary matching bonus, are deposited into the "E-Wallet." You can withdraw funds only through the "E-Wallet." To make an internal transfer or invest internal funds, you must first transfer the required funds from your "E-wallet" to your "Account Balance."

 During registration, you will receive an email with your User ID and Password. If you cannot find our email in the primary mail section of your email, please look into the spam folder. To obtain your account details, you can also click the "forgot password" link and enter your username or email address and submit us a request. You can also request your login information by emailing us from your registered email address.

 Click on "Withdrawal Accounts," then enter the wallet address in the appropriate digital currency box and click on "Save Details."

 You can update your account information by sending us an email from your registered email address to [email protected]