Terms and Conditions

General Rules:

  1. This Agreement is a binding contract between you and us, and it sets out your and our rights and obligations with respect to your membership with Rich Net Global and use of the Platform. In executing this Agreement, you are indicating that you agree to adhere to, and be bound by, all of its terms.
  2. Upon registration to our website, you will become a Member of Rich Net Global. By making an investment you will become a client of Rich Net Global. You are supposed to provide required information while registering with us. The declarations set forward in the self-certification should be truthful and genuinely apply to you.
  3. We do not persuade you to invest with us, but only provide you with investment advice. Your investment will be from your own discretion.
  4. By becoming a member you will have the opportunity to invest with us and earn from our mentioned investment plan. There may be additional terms relating to the investments, and when notified and approved by you, you agree to consent by.
  5. By registering with us we assume you accept the terms and conditions outlined in our website. These terms and conditions cannot be altered under any circumstances.

Investment Rules:

  1. Every deposit is considered to be a private transaction between Rich Net Global and its client.
  2. Clients process all financial transactions solely at their own discretion and their own risk. The size and term of deposit is determined personally by each client.
  3. The interest rate depends on the amount of investment, investment plan and deposit term.
  4. Investments should be done through currencies mentioned in the website depending on the investment package you choose.
  5. Client may choose any payment system or cryptocurrency that we accept in order to make a deposit.

Customer Support Service:

  1. Every client has the right to get any additional information from our support service.
  2. Client may contact our support service via our Online Chat Portal or by sending us an email.

Rights on Amendments:

  1. Rich Net Global reserves the right to make changes to the current document without the consent of client.
  2. Amendments will be notified to the clients by publishing notice on the website of the company.
  3. Terms and Conditions changes come into force since the date of publishing information on the site, unless otherwise provided in the text.